Paddys Gin Alive JW
AQHA 5301042

2010 Bay Mare
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Thanks Liz! 

Born 5-9-10.  ‘Alli’ is a bay filly with a unique star and strip and two rear white pasterns.  She is a granddaughter of Paddys Irish Whiskey by our young stallion, TRR Paddys Texas Gin aka Tex.  Her dam is Miss Jacks Wrangler.  Take a good look at Alli’s pedigree.  You cannot ask for a better performance-speed combination.  Peppy San Badger, Doc’s Starlight, Doc Bar, Tanquery Gin, Doc O’ Lena, Poco Tivio on top and Two Eyed Jack, Rocket Wrangler, Bugs Alive in 75 and Triple Jill by Triple Chick on the bottom.  Wow!!  Those names speak for themselves.  Alli is put together very nicely—her dam is one of our best producers.  Her 2008 stallion, Peponita Bugseyed JW, went to Kansas as a stud prospect and her 2009 filly, Paddys Gin Rocket JW, stayed here in ND. The Paddys Irish Whiskey horses are making a name for themselves in everything from cutting to cowhorse events to roping horses and are very versatile.   With that wonderful speed-cowhorse pedigree, Alli, can go for any event or direction and certainly has the pedigree to go to the broodmare bunch later on.  HERDA N/HDR (Please review Alli's information).  $1000 (US)

UPDATE 11-20-10.  Alli could just be the best filly we have this year and as you can see her mama usually has a ton of milk and gives her foals every advantage.  Alli did not lack any groceries while on the mare and she will be thick and stout.  She will be a powerhouse.  Her face is beginning to take on the very feminine look of her 2009 full sister.  In addition to her femininity, she's developing a look very much like her sire, but she will have more speed.  There is no doubt that she will be able to catch a cow and she could be a top cowhorse prospect.  This could be an even better filly that last year's.  As fall has progressed, she's become almost black.  Congratulations to Liz for purchasing this awesome filly.  Alli joins 2009 Docs Racer Reed JW and 2009 Taz in Tennessee.  We wish Liz great success with all three horses.

TRR Paddys Texas Gin

Paddys Irish Whiskey
Peppy San Badger
Docs Starlight x Doc Bar
TRR Miss Bay Gin
Tanquery Gin x Doc O Lena
Right On Able Mable x Right On Tivio


Miss Jacks Wrangler

KP Flashy Jack
SJ Prince x Mr Rodeo Jack
Miss Jordan Charm x Roan Charmer
Ms Wranglers Alive
Wranglers Rockett x Rocket Wrangler
Snow Bugs Alive x Bugs Alive in 75

Photo by Kylie Schatz (age 12)
Photo by Kylie Schatz (age 12)

Jodie & Warren Woroniecki


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