Manzanita Drift JW
AQHA 6096628

2021 Palomino Mare
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Born 4-22-21. “Manzanita” aka Nita is a palomino/palomino roan filly with a big white blaze, 2 hind half stockings and front white pastern. This year our names are flower/tree/rangeland plants themed. It stuck when our first foal was born, and we started calling her ‘Posie’ which means a ‘bunch of flowers’. So, we decided to go with it.  

If you look at pictures of her dam, Peponita Roan Bar JW aka Strawberry, you will see a very dark chestnut roan mare that looks almost the color of a chocolate tootsie roll but when she was born she was as sorrel and roan as could be hence the name Strawberry as in strawberry roan.  Then she shed a sort of blue color so we thought Blueberry?  Then she got sort of dark and purple so we thought Raspberry? Anyway she never has been the color of a strawberry roan but the name just stuck.  Strawberry is 92% foundation bred and registered with NFQHA. We raised her out of our mare, Fancy Roan Belle aka Roany who is a cornerstone mare for our program with several of her offspring and grand offspring retained by us. Her sire was Mr Salty Peponita.  Strawberry has a very sweet personality and a feminine look to her. She has an awesome hip and is bred with a load of cow and an old fashioned foundation pedigree and she was fun to ride. Her Roan Bar/Peponita bloodlines only speak for themselves. She had a 2014 blue roan filly, Raz Ber Rita Reed JW, 2016 bay roan filly Riveria Reed JW, both by JK Jay Reed; 2017 Whiskey Up Bonita JW by Whoop Up Whiskey and 2018 Miss Two ID Peponita by Two ID Sweet Buck from Tien Quarter Horses who is a keeper for us.  Her 2019 foal, Paddys Gin Jafar JW, is a big stout red road that is in Texas with a repeat buyer. Her 2020 foal Top Gun Arlington JW was a mini me of his sire and went to a repeat buyer.  Strawberry out produces herself no matter who she is bred to.

Nita’s sire is Walter O Rielly aka Radar.  He has become a great addition to our program, and this is his 9th foal crop for us. We were looking for a foundation Driftwood bred stallion to hopefully get some replacement fillies out of some of our better mares. Radar is a 90.234% foundation bred perlino stallion who goes to King P-234 ten times, to Driftwood four times with strong doses of Joe Reed, Three Bars and a little Doc Bar. Radar is a 16 hand horse with a huge stride and a gentle personality. He has excellent bone, athleticism and conformation. His lineage tells us that his offspring will have cow and will be capable of performing at any level.

Nita is a very nice foundation bred foal. This is an exciting experiment for us and so far we are pleased with what we see. All of Radar’s foals have wonderful dispositions and are BIG horses that can cover some ground out in the open. We will keep Nita for now as we evaluate how she grows. She will be 91% NFQHA eligible and could potentially be a wonderful foundation mare to add back into our breeding program.

Genetic 5 Panel Results


Walter O Rielly

Ciderwood x Orphan Drift
Miss Poco Blackmagic x Poco King Tuck
Lacys Keepsake
The Blazin Saddle x Doc's Jack Frost
Kings Holiday


Peponita Roan Bar JW

Mr Salty Peponita
Peponita x Peppy San
Holly Serena x Hollys Salty x Hollywood Gold
Fancy Roan Belle
Roan Bar Dandy x Roan Bar Go
Cake and Cream

Jodie & Warren Woroniecki


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