Sarafina Drift JW
AQHA 5822909

2017 Smoky Black Mare
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Born 5-4-17. Some years we do a fun theme for names.  This year we decided to go with names of characters from The Lion King Movie from 1994.  Some of the characters will be more well-known than others and some names are from the sequel movies. Sarafina was Nala’s mom.

‘Sarafina’ is a smoky black filly with few forehead hairs and no other markings.  She looks black now but remember that her sire throws the cream gene 100% of the time so she is basically a black horse that is diluted once to smoky black.  Her dam, Sapa Mia Reed JW, is a mare we raised out of Little Sapa and JK Jay Reed. Take a good look at the speed pedigree on Mia’s bottom side. According to Circle Dot Horses, Mia Cash Too was a gentle, AAA Stakes Placed Winner with a nice disposition who ran the 3rd fastest qualifying time in the All-American Derby and sired foals that went on the be race horses, barrel horses and arena even horses and had plenty of cow.  Little Sapa leaves Dash For Cash on Mia’s papers and also gives her Leroy Brown, Three Bars and Jet Deck through both Easy Jet and Jet Smooth.  Mia’s sire is a 96% foundation bred stallion with Poco Pine, Continental King by King P-234, Joe Reed II and Whiskey Bert all on his papers. 

This is Mia’s second foal. Sarafina’s sire is Walter O Rielly aka Radar, who has become a great addition to our program and this is his fifth foal crop for us. We were looking for a foundation Driftwood bred stallion to hopefully get some replacement fillies out of some of our better mares. Radar is a 90.234% foundation bred perlino stallion who goes to King P-234 ten times, to Driftwood four times with strong doses of Joe Reed, Three Bars and a little Doc Bar. Radar is a 16 hand horse with a huge stride and a gentle personality. He has excellent bone, athleticism and conformation. His lineage tells us that his offspring will have cow and will be capable of performing at any level. We fully expect this to be another top filly if she develops to her genetic potential.  Mia and Radar are disposition plus horses. Our goal is to retain filly’s from Radar and some of our mares to cross back on our Paddys Irish Whiskey stallions. This filly is pretty special because she is also a granddaughter of our senior stallion, JK Jay Reed. 

UPDATE 6-16-20:  We decided to put more training into Sarafina, now Sci-Fi, and we are ranching on her.  She is not for sale at this time.

Genetic 5 Panel Results

Walter O Rielly

Ciderwood x Orphan Drift
Miss Poco Blackmagic x Poco King Tuck
Lacys Keepsake
The Blazin Saddle x Doc's Jack Frost
Kings Holiday


Sapa Mia Reed JW

JK Jay Reed
Shadow Ridin Pine x Pine Feathers x Poco Pine
Christine Naugher x Whiskey Bert x Joe Reed II
Little Sapa
Mia Cash Too x Dash For Cash
CJS Leroy x Spear Lee JR

Jodie & Warren Woroniecki


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