San Ella Drift JW
APHA 1,048,375

2014 Buckskin Mare
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Born 5-27-14.  San Ella Drift JW aka Tori is HUGE buckskin filly with a star, strip, snip and no white feet. Tori will be registered with the APHA because her dam, Leos San Ella JB aka Pepper, is a solid bred registered with the American Paint Horse Association. However, when you take a good look at her pedigree she is over ¾ quarter horse. She looks like and is built like a thick, muscular quarter horse. We have had Pepper since she was a weanling as she came from Barbra and Jarrette Johnson at Mandaree, North Dakota at the edge of the Badlands. We have two of her sisters out of the same mare and a gelding by her sire. They are ALL good riding horses that are essentials of our saddle horse bunch. Tori’s sire, Walter O Rielly aka Radar, is new to our program and this is his second foal crop for us. We were looking for a foundation Driftwood bred stallion to hopefully get some replacement fillies out of some of our better mares.  Radar is a 90.234% foundation bred perlino stallion that goes to King P-234 ten times, to Driftwood four times with strong doses of Joe Reed, Three Bars and a little Doc Bar.  Radar is a 16 hand horse with a huge stride and a gentle personality. Tori is going to be a big horse. She is the first foal for this pairing. She has minimal white on her and will be built like a quarter horse. Tori should have some speed and stride and be able to cover ground. Since we are riding all of her family of horses and have not bred her dam’s sisters, Tori looks to be the mare to continue those lines for us. She is not for sale at this time.

UPDATE 12-7-14 This is going to be a great filly that we are keeping. She has a pale amost palomino look, but she is definitely a buckskin.  Her points are black with a black muzzle, rims of her ears and a nice black tail. Her mane will have a lot of nice frosting in it too. 

UPDATE 6-21-16.We are so proud of this young mare!  She continues to NOT be for sale. She has developed into all we could ask for with an excellent disposition and a stout build.  Our intentions for her are to make her into a using saddle horse here on the ranch and she will be a ranch horse with a presence and ground covering stride. We expect her to mature well over 15 hands and close to 16 hands.  Her dam and aunt saddle horses are reaching their upper years and she is hoped and expected to follow in their horseshoes!  She is at the trainer now and the reports are good.  She is a good example of what our Walter O Rielly stallion can produce.

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