Paddys Gin Crissy JW
AQHA 5613186

2014 Bay Mare
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Thanks Eric! 

Born 4-21-14. ‘Crissy’ is a beautiful bay with a small star on her forehead.  Chrissy is very photogenic just like her siblings have been.  Her mama is Mujer Dusty Bar JW aka Dusty who is 83% NFQHA and was purchased from Grantier Quarter Horses because her mare line is very close to several of our VERY PROVEN ranch horses.  Mujer Tacky Jay, now deceased, made a name for himself producing using horses for the family, ranch, arena and youth.  There are a lot of great horses in Dusty’s pedigree from Jet Deck and Leo Tag just off her papers to other greats Three Bars, Poco Bueno and old time horses like Old Sorrel.  Dusty also fantastically goes back to King 9 times!  We really believe in these horse families. This is her second foal with TRR Paddys Texas Gin aka Tex and we are still more than pleased.  Dusty is a big mare that milks very well and we believe that her foals with Tex will produce that muscular all around 15 hand horse.  We are very excited to watch this filly mature. Crissy will be robust just like her full 2013 sister, Paddys Gin Zumba JW, who is still for sale and quite the looker. Dusty’s other foals have been 2010 Zanzibar Reed JW who has been broke out by a young woman in ND; 2011 Chewbacca Reed JW to a ranch in Nebraska; and 2012 Dustys Ebony Reed JW is here on a ranch in ND. This is Tex’s sixth foal crop. He puts very thick and muscular foals on the ground with very nice muscle expression on them as well as a lot of athleticism and as they develop they have a lot of vigor. The oldest ones have been started under saddle by various buyers and we are hearing good things from all of them. The Paddys Irish Whiskey horses are making a name for themselves in everything from cutting to cow horse events to roping horses and are very versatile—Tanquery Gin, Doc O’Lena, Docs Starlight, Poco Tivio, Peppy San Badger. Crissy will be able to go any direction from ranch to competition.

Genetic 5 Panel Results

Update 10-25-15 Wow! Crissy is a fantastic filly! This is going to be a nice stout filly.  Crissy left on transport for California last week and we will be pretty excited to see just how she turns out for them. Thanks Eric and Monika!

$1200 (US)

2014 PRICING INCLUDES: $150 value for halter/lead rope, negative coggins (test costs + 140 mile round trip to vet for testing), health, brand inspection, initial and booster vaccinations of EWT-Flu-Rhino, 1 bag of our Woroniecki All Around pelleted feed. North Dakota, repeat and multiple horse buyers will be less.

TRR Paddys Texas Gin

Paddys Irish Whiskey
Peppy San Badger
Docs Starlight x Doc Bar
TRR Miss Bay Gin
Tanquery Gin x Doc O'Lena
Right On Able Mable x Right On Tivio


Mujer Dusty Bar JW

Mujer Tacky Jay
Caballero Mujer x Beau Bar Mujer
Miss Rovin Tacky x Rovin' Jet x Jet Deck
Crissy Dusty Jay
LJ Banjoe Jay x Zans Banjoe
Dusty Dew Jay

Jodie & Warren Woroniecki


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