Paddys Gin Laredo JW
AQHA 5299750

2010 Bay Gelding
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Thanks Brandon! 

Born 4-30-10.  Nice little grandson of Paddys Irish Whiskey.  We have patiently waited for our Mujer Tacky Jay fillies to reach breeding age and enter the broodmare bunch.  Mujer Lucy Skip JW aka Lucy is 83% NFQHA and was purchased from Grantier Quarter Horses because her mare line is very close to several of our VERY PROVEN ranch horses.  Mujer Tacky Jay, now deceased, made a name for himself producing using horses for the family, ranch, arena and youth.  We really believe in these horse families.  We’ve planned this breeding between Lucy and TRR Paddys Texas Gin for a couple years and they did not disappoint us.  ‘Laredo’ is a small, but very proportional gelding and likely will be very muscular.  He will mostly likely mature around 14-1 or 2.  Lucy is a small mare herself, but as a first time mare, she has LOTS of milk.  Little Laredo constantly has milk dripping off his chin.  The Paddys Irish Whiskey horses are making a name for themselves in everything from cutting to cowhorse events to roping horses and are very versatile—Tanquery Gin, Doc O’Lena, Docs Starlight, Poco Tivio, Peppy San Badger.  Laredo has right front and left rear white pasterns and triangle of white on his right rear pastern.  HERDA N/HDR (Click to review Laredo's information).   $1150 (US)

UPDATE 2-12-12. Laredo has developed into a nice stout yearling with a lot of muscle and thickness and reminds us more and more everyday of his sire. We still believe that he will mature around 14-2 and be nice and thick. In addition to that, he is handling nicely and has a good head about him. He is now in Nebraska and we wish Brandon every success with him and look forward to hearing how he does.

TRR Paddys Texas Gin

Paddys Irish Whiskey
Peppy San Badger
Docs Starlight x Doc Bar
TRR Miss Bay Gin
Tanquery Gin x Doc O Lena
Right On Able Mable x Right On Tivio


Mujer Lucy Skip JW

Mujer Tacky Jay
Cabellero Mujer x Beau Bar Mujer
Miss Rovin Tacky x Roviní Jet x Jet Deck
Miss Lori Jay
Buck Dew Jay x Daves Jay
Lori Darn Jay x Dewesun

Jodie & Warren Woroniecki


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