Old Skip Cat JB aka Ranger
APHA 650354

2000 Bay Gelding
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Thanks Brian--Ranger is heading to Churchill Downs in Kentucky where he will pony racehorses!

After much discussion, we are offering this good gelding for sale.  Ranger is a 16-1 hand 9 year old gelding that has been ranch raised and used.  This gentle giant was started at 2 by a college colt starting class and has been on the ranch since.  He’s been ridden by kids and adults, been behind cattle, ponied colts, used to check cattle, hauled a lot between pastures, used in 4-H, used to sort and bring up cattle pairs, bring in bulls, trail ridden, used during calving and can drag a calf sled and stand to open gates from his back.  He hasn’t seen arena roping, but he can do a little pasture roping/holding something to be treated.  He’s not skittish of ropes.  Ranger does a super nice job for the kids during 4-H trail, ranch horse and halter events.  He stands nicely for the rider to get on and off.  He is one of the nicest, gentlest horses we have.  Ranger does very well for young kids in the corral and has excellent ground manners.  In open pasture, kids will need supervision because he can try to take advantage if there are loose horses nearby or he gets separated from the group.  Riders 12 and older with experience usually don’t have problems.

When working a cow or sorting, he's a big horse and he does a nicer job when you give him enough room to not be right on top of the cow.  You can ranch on him and he’s tall and stout enough to be a rodeo pick-up horse.  He’d also do very nicely as a trail horse or in a feedlot.

Ranger has been a vital saddle horse to our ranch and he will continue to be used until sold.  It will be tough to part with him, but we've young ones to put miles on and with Ranger here it's to easy to grab him to get a job done.  The others need to be developed too.  Come try him out and ride with us. 

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