Foals by JK Jay Reed:
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2006 Gelding

My Kittys BellE JW
2006 Mare

2009 Dun Mare

My Kittys Melody JW
2009 Bay Mare

Bueno Macy Reed JW
2010 Smokey Black Mare

Sapa Mia Reed JW
2011 Bay Mare

Lily Dancer Reed JW
2012 Black Mare

Angel Lace Reed JW
2014 Bay Mare

Jasmine Reed JW
2019 Black Filly




JK Jay Reed
5-13-96 Bay Stallion
AQHA #3516678
NFQHA #F0032251
96% Foundation
Herda N/N
Genetic 5 Panel Results

RIP Pine Cone. Rest East.
Now deceased, we have retained several of his daughters and granddaughter and his line lives on in our program.


We cannot say enough good things about JK Jay Reed aka “Pine Cone”. We are riding Pine Cone offspring both on the ranch and in 4-H classes. They are very smart, athletic, kind and fast learners. They are the kind of horses that can go any direction from the ranch to trail to show to rodeo. His pedigree speaks for itself and is as foundation bred as they come. Poco Pine, Continental King, Whiskey Bert, Joe Reed II are all on his papers. It is important to note that King P-234 is very close up in his pedigree and he traces to King a total of 6 times! He is that awesome blood bay color with only white forehead hairs, passes that minimal white to many of his babies, and all have had good feet.

Pine Cone himself is very easy to get along with. He’s good with his mares. You can catch him out with his mares and handle him or the mares as needed. He was broke, but has spent most of his years in the badlands as a ranch stud taking care of himself and his mares and he has a few battle scars to show for it. We view this as another testimony of his dependable nature, athletic ability, intelligence and responsiveness to people.

Pine Cone was bred at Fletcher Farms in Lonoke, Arkansas and was later purchased by Barbra Kennedy Johnson and her husband Jarrette of Mandaree, North Dakota. Pine Cone came to North Dakota during a time when many of the ranches and buyers stopped registering their foals and therefore, through no fault if his own or his pedigree, many of his offspring are unregistered and untraceable. Having seen his offspring and using some of them ourselves, we decided to bring Pine Cone out into the public light to share his good foundation pedigree and offer his registered babies to the public for sale starting with the 2009 foal crop. We hope you like what you see and hope that you keep checking back for his new babies each spring. Pine Cone does not stand to the public.



 Poco Pine
 Pine Feathers
 Bar Feathers
Shadow Ridin Pine
 Continental King x King
 Kings Katie Rose
 McFarlin Dunny Dee
 Joe Reed II
 Whiskey Bert
 Leo Star Lady x Leo
Christine Naugher
 Senor San x Senor George
 Senorita 112
 Tizzie Buck x Peppy Buck


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